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Rehearsal Rooms

Equipment in rooms is subject to change. *Drum breakables (cymbals, snare & sticks) are available for a small charge. Guitars, bass, keyboards and other instruments are not usually available unless arranged ahead of time.

White Room

This room is ideal for 1 to 5 people.
Room size is approx. 14’x14’


Yamaha Black Power V kit
(22”, 16” floor, 13” & 12” rack)
3x Yamaha cymbal stands
hi-hat stand
kick pedal & stool


Traynor Small Block 115 (200 watt) bass combo
Traynor YGL1 (40 watt) guitar combo
Line 6 Spider IV (30 watt) guitar combo

Vocal PA

Yorkville PCM 8 mixing desk with FX
3x Shure SM58 microphones with stands & cables
2x Behringer Eurolive 2x12 powered speakers

Blue Room

This room is ideal for 1 to 5 people.
Room size is approx. 14’x14’


Tama Silver Star Antique Brown birch kit
(22”, 16” floor, 12” & 10” rack)
3x cymbal stands
hi-hat stand
kick pedal & stool


Traynor Iron Horse (40 watt) tube guitar amplifier (head) with Traynor DHX212 speaker cabinet
Marshall MG100HCFX (100 watt) amplifier (head) with a Marshall 1960 4x12 speaker cabinet
Traynor Small Block 200H (200 watt) bass head with SWR Goliath III 4x10 speaker cabinet

Vocal PA

Allen & Heath 16 channel analogue mixing desk with TC Electronics digital FX processors
3x Shure SM 58 microphones with stands and cables
2x Behringer Eurolive 2x12 powered speakers

Area 51 (Red Room)

For rehearsals, open jams, showcasing, video/podcasts, live off the floor recordings & more.
This room can hold up to a 12pc band.
Room size is approx. 24’x18’.


Yamaha Red Stage Custom drum kit
(24”, 16” floor & 12” rack)
3x cymbal stands
hi-hat stand
Iron Cobra kick pedal & stool


Traynor Custom Special 100 (100 watt) tube guitar amplifier (head)
2x Traynor YCS412 speaker cabinets
Traynor Small Block 500H (500 watt) bass head with TC410 cabinet

Vocal PA

Allen & Heath Qu-24 digital mixing console with a 16ch multi track recording capability (recording incurs extra charges)
4x Shure SM58 vocal microphones, cables and stands
2x Yamaha DSR115 powered speakers


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Pricing Overview

Prices include HST & standard room equipment: Drum kit*, guitar amps or cabinets, bass amp, vocal PA, microphones with cables and stands. Cymbals, snare and sticks available for extra $5 per session.

Bring your own drum breakables if preferred. All bookings subject to availability.

Rehearsal Room Prices

solo/duo Rehearsal

Solo/Duo rates are $25 per hour (White or Blue Room). Minimum booking 1 hour.

Band Rehearsal

White or Blue Room - Basic band rehearsal rate is $30 per hour. Area 51 - Rehearsal rate is $40 per hour. Minimum booking 2 hours.

Special Offers

Half Price

Get 3rd hour half price. Only available in White and Blue Rooms. 3 hour band rehearsal for only $75.
Includes standard equipment.

Off Peak Blinder

Book between 11am & 4pm Tuesday to Thursday and get 30% OFF your rehearsal price. Minimum booking 2 hours. Valid for rehearsals only. Use voucher code OPB or click below.


Gift Passes

We offer prepaid passes which are ideal to give as gifts. Booking slots are subject to availability and must be pre-booked. Call to ask about a printed gift card.

Pizza Deals

Our new Pizza Deal, available to those booking 3 or more hours in Area 51. For an additional $10 we will order you an XL 3 topping Pizza. Mention Pizza in notes if ordering online. Enjoy during or at the end of your rehearsal.


Accessory Store

We keep many accessories on-hand including; Electric and Acoustic Guitar Strings, Bass Strings, Drum Sticks, Picks, AA, AAA, 9V and Snark Batteries, Ear Plugs, Snark Tuner, and Moon Gel.

Replacement Fees

All and any fees associated with any equipment that is broken due to misuse or improper handling during your booked session is subject to a replacement fee. The final fee would be determined upon further inspection of equipment.

Very pleased. The rehearsal room had all the gear we needed including a PA System. Nice not to have to lug heavy equipment. We will be back.
— Dennis