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The Mission

To positively impact the Kingston music scene, providing a creative space for the development of skills and relationships, nurturing co-operation, diversity, personal growth, talent, and a stronger more vibrant musical community. While maintaining physical and mental health and financial sustainability.

Meet The Roswell’s

Roswell Rehearsals was launched in 2015 by Trevor and Anita Johnson.

Bio Pic Trev 2018.JPG

aka “Buck Roswell”


Trevor has been a mainstay on the local music scene for quite some time. Starting out in 1977 (ouch!), he has seen the industry change in many ways. He has worked with many seminal Canadian bands in their formative years, inc. to name but a few - Teenage Head, The Pursuit Of Happiness and Kingston’s own Tragically Hip.

Moving to the UK in 1993, he continued pursuing his career in the UK and mainland Europe, touring extensively with bands of many musical genres. Trevor also became involved in booking and operating local live music venues in Birmingham, enjoying much success. He even did a stint at South Birmingham College teaching Live Sound Production. This facility having produced some of the best “Tech’s” in the business.

During his time in the UK, Europe & the US, Trevor became intrigued by the idea of rehearsal studios. Many bands he worked with used them for pre-production and rehearsals. The idea was planted firmly for his future. After coming back to Kingston with his partner Anita, and several failed attempts at finding suitable space in the area, the Roswell’s (their new adopted name) decided to start a PA company servicing the local music scene and keeping some momentum in the dream. Finally in October 2014 the building that is now their home became known to them. The deal was done and in early 2015 work began. They tentatively opened one room in April, becoming fully operational in June 2015.

When not at Roswell, you can hear Trevor most Fridays & Saturdays at his house gig in Kingston. Unless he is providing sound reinforcement to other events in and out of the city.

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aka “Bobbie Roswell”


Anita would never call herself a musician, but has been surrounded by music since birth. Developing a strong personal relationship with music, especially in a live setting and a deep respect for those that create it. Over the years, never being sure of her path, she has fulfilled many roles in the Hospitality, Entertainment & Theatrical worlds. Drawing on these varied experiences, she has helped bring life to the dream that became Roswell Rehearsals.

Known to her Facebook friends as “Bobbie Roswell”, she can often be found dancing like a mad thing at any live music event she is lucky enough to attend.

The Roswell’s would like to thank all the many people in the local community who have played a role in creating this space. Anything from back-breaking physical work to creating artwork to financial support to spreading the word to attending jams, it has all been a huge part of where we are today.

Without you, and the people who fill our walls with music, Roswell would never have got beyond being another crazy idea! With each band that joins our family, it feel a little less crazy. Thanks!
— The Roswell's


We are based in the heart of Kingston’s West End. Across from the Riocan Centre. Next door to Aaben Windows.

We are 5km from the Gardiners Road Exit of Highway 401. We are on #6, #701 & #702 bus routes



700 Progress Avenue, Unit #3
Kingston, Ontario, K7M 4W9

Hours of Operation

Monday: Closed
Tuesday - Sunday: 11am to 11pm


+1 (613) 583-5178